TrendCatch Trading Philosophy

The TrendCatch trading method for Day Trading or Trend Trading is developed especially for the semiprofessional trader. TrendCatch computes a confirmed entry signal, using our proprietary algorithms - and then based upon Markets behavior eventually issue a Vocal and sound voice warning. The alert is also issued if/when the Trend becomes unstable, which is not the same as a change of the Trend.

The fundamental rule for Day Trading or Trend Trading is to take profit if possible while the Trend is Stable; it’s up to the trader to decide an exit strategy as the program is not an automated system giving you both an entry and an exit point during the same position. That is simply not possible to calculate in advance unless you are in possession of the magic crystal ball.

The Trend has to be constantly monitored and computed in real time while the market prices fluctuate. To help the trader keeping track of when the trend eventually change the trader use info from the Graphical Window with the support/resistance lines and the audio called Alerts.

We have - based upon our proprietary algorithms - developed a unique Trading Model which is based upon three different strategies.

A very experienced trader will be able to mix or combine the different trading strategies. It is not advisable to try that unless the Trader has used TrendCatch for some time.

Strength of the Algorithms

Our Programs strength is in the ability to most of the time correctly compute the signals and inform investors when the market trend changes, based on overall and specific market behavior.

However, it does not predict the market's behavior. The Program tells investors that when "x" happens, then they need to take action. If investors follow the Trend Trading Change Information given, they will be following the correct market trend almost all of the time.

The Trend in combination with the current price pattern is used to constantly predict changes to the trend. This generates Buy, Sell and eventual a new Trend Trading signal that are reported by the program.

Only ticks important for the programs algorithm to compute the Trend Changes are shown. The program only uses a tick if/when it is a part of a price / trading pattern recognized by the program to be important. That is why there can be anything from several ticks in a minute to sometimes no ticks at all during a minute. All Graphs shows the prices and time where TrendCatch SPpro or TrendProphecy FX has been Long or Short (Blue/Red) during the day and the week.

The trader must wait until the program has confirmed the trading signal and not attempt to react only on the price development in the market before the Trend Change has been confirmed.

Everyone knows that Day Trading is hard and difficult - as hard as anything you will ever do. So why not make it a little easier by using TrendCatch during the Trading day.