Trend Quality

The Quality of the Trend - Info In advance about an eventually Trend Change!

TrendProphecy FX-Pro always call either 'Trend Stable' or 'Trend Unstable'.

To help the trader keeping track of when the trend eventually change the trader should use the info from the Trade Info Window:

Remember the Fundamental rule:

The trader should normally try to take profit if possible while the Trend is Stable.

A Trader should not stay in a position until it changes! The info about the current Trend is only meant to be used for a possible new position.

The Strength Percentage for the stable Trend is an info to the trader showing where the stable Signal is in relation to the Unstable Signal. The lowest percentage before a Trend change is imminent is 40%.

The change to Unstable can happen earlier if the market conditions are very volatile!

Users have information about the current Trend that is computed using our proprietary algorithms. The Trend in combination with the current price pattern are used to constantly predict changes to the trend. This generates Buy, Sell and eventual a new Trend Trading signal that are reported by the program.
Remember that the info is NOT a prediction of what is going to happen, instead it tells you what to do IF the market hit that specific price.

The Primary Rule is that the trader must wait until TrendProphecy FX-Pro has confirmed the trading signal and not attempt to react only on the price development in the market before the Trend Change has been confirmed.

However In a situation where the market moves very fast caused by some breaking news, you should follow the market movement immediately when it drops down or raise above the info you get from TrendProphecy.

That is why it's important to remember that TrendProphecy updates are not directly connected to any specific "NEWS" - but rather to what effect the "NEWS" are having on the market, which again means that the update based upon the news effect in the market is slightly delayed (1-3 sec.) in relation to the NEWS itself!

An educated investor with knowledge of an instrument's trend will experience the most investment rewards.

A change of the Trend from Long to Short or from Short to Long always means a new trade. The call  Unstable is NOT the same as a Trend Change, the Main Trend (original Trend) is still intact and the Trend can still go back to Stable.

The visual Warning is meant to inform about a possible change, and can be used as an early exit point for aggressive Scalp Traders. If/When the warning changes back to Stable, the Scalp Trader can eventually enter the same market Trend again, and so on.  For more Conservative Trend/Swing Traders the Unstable Alert can be used as a Stop signal if the position is still open.

These Calls are made in real time, and are in no way predictions of the future Trend. This is where TrendProphecy FX-Pro differ from most systems, we compute a result based upon our knowledge of the market behavior here and now. During the Trend TrendProphecy FX-Pro has called we constantly monitor if the Trend stays Stable or not, or if the Trend Changes.

It's up to the trader to decide an exit strategy as TrendProphecy FX-Pro is not an automated system giving you both an optimal entry and exit point during the same trading cycle.

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