Trading Philosophy

One of the most important things to understand when using TrendProphecy FX-Pro is its trading philosophy.

The TrendProphecy FX-Pro 's trading method developed especially for the professional Day trader differs from other systems, in that it computes a confirmed entry signal, using our proprietary algorithms - and then eventually during the Trend a warning (Alert) is shown if/when the Trend becomes unstable, which is not the same as a change of the Trend.

During the Trend TrendProphecy FX-Pro has called we constantly monitor if the Trend stays Stable or not, or if the Trend Changes. That's a huge difference from other systems claiming that they in advance can tell you the next move already when you enter a trade. Without being in possession of the magic crystal ball that is not possible.

The fundamental rule for the trader is to take profit if possible while the Trend is Stable or at least when the Trend Unstable sign shows and the strength of the Trend goes below 50% .
It's however up to the trader to decide an exit strategy as TrendProphecy FX-Pro is not an automated system giving you both an entry and an exit point. It's not possible to calculate a trustworthy exit point in advance.

It is therefore not a fault by TrendProphecy FX-Pro that the price development by the end of a position is going against the original position. Contrary, it is in the nature of the way the TrendProphecy FX-Pro algorithm is developed, to find a good entry point that is trustworthy, the trend has to be confirmed, and that is why TrendProphecy FX-Pro very often end up with a loss if you stayed in the original position.

Users have information about the current Trend that is computed using our proprietary algorithms. The Trend in combination with the current price pattern are used to predict changes to the trend. This generates Buy, Sell or Alert signals that are reported by the program and is meant as a forewarning to the trader about what is to expect in the immediate future .

An educated investor with knowledge of an instrument's trend will experience the most investment rewards. Helping investors understand their long and short positions will help them to get the most out of a bull or a bear market. In this regard, being successful on every trade is not the most important thing. Rather, the concept of net profitability over the course of a series of trades is what yields the most success in a market

TrendProphecy FX-Pro is a system that requires investors to eliminate any preconceived biases or emotions and accept Trend Change Information that have shown, using TrendProphecy FX-Pro greater profit earning potential through identified trends. TrendProphecy FX-Pro was developed to provide traders/investors with information on changing of the short-term trend that has the potential to yield a higher return on investment.

To illustrate TrendProphecy FX-Pro potential and to help the trader to decide when to take profit/loss,TrendProphecy FX-Pro shows the Maximum Profit and Current Profit for each position. That info is shown constantly on the Info Panel for each Cross.

After TrendProphecy FX-Pro has entered into the first trade of the week it stays in the market either long or short during the entire trading week. There is Alert signals showing if the Trend is considered Stable or Unstable - these Alerts can be used as Stop Profit or Stop Loss signals as the change of the signals during the day fulfill that function. The trader should however consider when to take profit or loss during each trading cycle (position).

TrendProphecy FX-Pro 's strength is in its ability to most of the time correctly compute the signals and inform investors when the market trend changes, based on overall and specific market behavior. However, it does not predict the market's behavior. TrendProphecy FX-Pro tells investors that if "x" happens, there is a possibility for a Trend Change. If investors follow the Trend Change Information given, they will be following the correct market trend almost all of the time.

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