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Over the years we have researched the market and have finally been able to develop an algorithm (developed especially for Trend Day Trading) using a two step approach to trading the Trend in the Forex market.

TrendProphecy FX-Pro is working with three trade modes (Trade Patterns) in combination with  the markets Trade Intensity.

Three distinct Trade Patterns - Aggressive / Moderate / Conservative.

Typically during the early part of the trading day and week the trading advices are called more often, as the Algorithm 'only' have old (former days data) to work on.

As the day and week progress and the TrendProphecy algorithm 'learn' about the current day and week's trading Trends, the trades normally becomes fewer over the day showing how well the Algorithm adapts to the new conditions.

Aggressive Mode.

The Aggressive Mode is based upon the direction of the markets underlying very short Trend.

TrendProphecy FX-Pro has the potential for huge profits, as most times  - the trader get opportunities to make a profit, check history to find out how often this is the case.

The Trend Calls will produce a possibility for a profitable trade close to 100 %. The risk for temporary draw downs however, are more present using this strategy than using the Moderate or Conservative Modes, which on the other hand more often enter trades which produce a higher total profit than the Aggressive Mode. Compare the different trade modes with the Trade Intensity Function and find the trade mode combination which suits your personal trade habits best, regarding risk aversion, stops and so on.
The Aggressive Mode normally also produces more trades with smaller individual profits compared to the Moderate and Conservative Modes.

The Aggressive Mode used in combination with the Default Trade Intensity Mode is the most commend  combination used for active day traders, where the aggressive mode used with the moderate to high Intensity settings are more for very active scalp traders!

Moderate Mode.

The Trend based upon this Trade Pattern is either in sync with the Conservative Mode, or shows possible outbreak in the market from the underlying Conservative Mode from time to time.

The difference between the Trade Modes is the intensity of the outbreaks.
Moderate mode is more volatile than Conservative mode and Aggressive mode has more trades than Moderate and Conservative.

Conservative Trade Mode.

This Trend Call is very efficient, and normally have very few new Trend Calls compared to the two other Trading Modes during the trading week, especially when used in combination with Low or lowest Trade Intensity.

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