Trade Info Panel

The Trade Info Panel show the current info about the chosen two FX Pairs.

It's possible to HIDE the Panel to get a larger area for the Graph Display. The Hide / Show button on the Menu bar is a toggle button used to hide or show the panel.

Each Pair has an active live Display as the above, showing:

This button has two functions:

1. Show the name of the first Cross.

2. Toggle the button and the graph display show either the graph for this Cross only or the graph of both Crosses.
In combination with the Menu Bar's button the graphical display can be even larger.

Sound ON or OFF - click to toggle On/Off.

Trade Intensity Function.

A proprietary function developed by TrendProphecy to try to diminish the damage High Frequency Trading does to the market.
Used in combination with the Trade Mode Function.

Three distinct Trade Mode Patterns - Aggressive / Moderate / Conservative.

Used in combination with The Trade Intensity Function.

Choose another Forex Cross (Pair) from the drop down list.

The Position Info a live update of the current Position and InterBank Spot Price.

1. Spot Price Time & Price

2. Last Position Time & Last Position - either Long or Short.

3. Last Positions Price

4. The Current Profit or Loss / the Maximum Profit the position has done until NOW.

The Current Trends Quality -  Info In advance about an eventually Trend Change.

Helps the trader to keep track of when and where the trend eventually will change.

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