Trade Confirmation

Two different Alerts - One for a New Trade and one for a Warning: Visual and a sound alert.

A Trade Alert when the Trend Changes is a

Trade Confirmation


When a Buy (long) or a Sell  (Short) happens the Cross button on the Active display is blinking for about 60 seconds.

The new Trade is also added to the Grid on the Graphical window, where the time is highlighted.

The is updated to either or .


If the Sound is On the Trade Alert sounds immediately. The same sound for all Pairs.

  • Be aware that the sound alert for a new trade sometimes can be heard even if there has not been a new trade! This is due to a data transmission that has been 'chopped up', and has nothing to do with either TrendProphecy FX-Pro  or your computer, but is caused by 'noise' on the Internet connection to your computer
  • In rare occasions with heavy volatility the Trade Alert will  not be heard. If that happens you will still get the Visual Confirmation of a new trade Alert!

An Alert when the Trend becomes Unstable is a


Not the same as a Trade Confirmation!


The trade Info window's background is RED with info about the possible next Trend Changing Point.

This information is constantly updated live and can change dramatically within few price updates, it's therefore necessary to be following this info very closely. 


If the Sound is On the alert sounds about every 20 seconds. The sound alert is a small beep.

  • If the The Warning Alert happens at the same time for both Pairs - only one alert is heard. 

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