A trading strategy that attempts to make many profits on small price changes.

Traders who implement this strategy will place anywhere from 10 to a couple hundred trades in a single day in the belief that small moves in prices are easier to catch than large ones.

Traders who implement this strategy are known as scalpers. The main goal is to buy (or sell) a number of currency Pairs at the bid (or ask) price and then quickly sell or buy them a few pips higher (or lower) for a profit. Many small profits can easily compound into large gains if a strict exit strategy is used to prevent large losses.

This kind of trading is only possible if the market conditions are very volatile.

TrendProphecy FX-Pro 's Trading Alerts are signals which are very useful for Scalp Traders using Trade Modes 1 or 2 in combination with Trade Intensity settings between Highest to Moderate Default, as they can trade on both side of the signals, by following the Trend Unstable signal going against the Main Trend when the Trend Unstable  window is shown and return back to the Main Trend if/when the Stable window returns.

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