Log In Screen

Before starting the program you need to decide which two Currency Pairs you want to start up with . You have access to all 7 currency Pair through your subscription, two at a time.
When the program is running you can change to any of the shown Pairs - click and choose the pair you want from the drop down list.

Click the checkbox next to the Pair you want to follow from start.

You have the choice to either see the TrendProphecy FX-Pro Live Data with your Local Time setting or watch the Data in US Eastern Time.

When you Log On you have to check the wanted time zone, Default is your Computers Local Time setting.

The build-in function adjusts for Daylight saving Time.

You Only need to Log-in to TrendProphecy FX-Pro  once a week as the program runs 24 / 7.

Each time you log-in it will take some time while the program is initializing and downloading the data.

Due to the large amount of data and the data processing, the Start Up Time will increase slightly every day as the week progresses. In most cases it will take TrendProphecy FX-Pro in the range of one to two minutes to initialize.

Remember - You do not need to close TrendProphecy FX-Pro during the trading week, as it's active 24/7.

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