On the Live Trade Windows Menu click the link History and then click a Pair:

A window with the same kind of functions like the Main Program appear for the chosen Pair:

Default the History window loads up showing the data from the last Trading Week.

The History function cannot be used to see the active trading Week, as the data is already accessible on the Main Window.

Historic Data are always displayed in US Eastern Time!

Default the Trade Mode comes up as Conservative - Trade Intensity as Medium Default .

Dbl. Click on  the graph, on a trade in the Position Grid or choose one of  the Day buttons to get the graphs starting point.

Select or deselect the Trend Lines checkbox to see the Trend line.

The trading Week is changed by using the Date Control and then click the button 'Get ....Data'.

The Data, either from the InterBank Market or the Position Trades can be saved by clicking the Disk Icon to the left and follow instructions.

The data can then be imported into a spreadsheet application as Excel or similar for further analyze.

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