All Graphs

There is a Graphical display for each currency pair.

By clicking or any other Pairs button just the respective graph is shown on the display, as seen below.


Click again and the two graphs are again shown on the Graphical display.

To get even larger display click the toggle  button and the Trade Info panel disappear.

On each Graph the following buttons are active:

Toggle button to Hide or Show the Price -and Trade Info Grid to the left on the graphical display.

Toggle button to Hide or Show the TREND Line.

Choose at which Trade Day the Graph will start showing prices.
It's also possible to the Trade Info Box on a specific trade to start the graph from there.

When TrendProphecy starts up it will always start with Monday Checked.

As the week progresses a new checkbox for each trading day is added.

Toggle button to Change the Back Color of the Graph.

The Graph lines have three different colors:


TrendProphecy FX-Pro  Trend Lines


Buy (Long) Trend has been Called.


Sell (Short) Trend has been Called.

Most of the functions are also active in the History module.

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