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TrendCatch - the Ultimate Trend Trading program for Futures.

TrendCatch SPpro or TrendProphecy FX Pro are Stand Alone programs - using Server Data Push Technology, and does not require broker or quote service data feed.

If you are Day Trading, Swing Trading or Trend - Following the SP 500 Index futures - use the TrendCatch SPpro.

If you are Day Trading Currency - we have developed TrendProphecy FX Pro.

Strategies Display - Live Update

TrendCatch's two different Price Grids shows either all trades or each trade's individual developing, the time for that position, the price paid for that position the current profit/loss and the Maximum profit for all trades. Furthermore Live VOCAL and visual Alert for market movements, the Max and current Profit this position has had until now. Showing the Numbers of all trades from the trading week's start.

  • Ticker Tape showing the prices from the Exchange (CME)
  • Caption: Current Trading Date, Contract Month and the Subscription End
  • Graph colors: CYAN: current Long Position - RED = current Short position
  • Support/Resistents/Action Lines: Yellow - CYAN - RED

Totally Free Trial

We do not ask you for CC info or any other info for that matter, just download install and start following the market.

Trading Philosophy

The fundamental rule for the trader, is to take profit if possible while the Trend is showing Stable.

The TrendCatch trend trading method developed especially for the professional Day trader differs from other systems, in that it computes a confirmed entry signal using our proprietary algorithms - and then during the Trend sounds a warning (Alert) if/when the Trend becomes unstable.

Our 2 Programs

SP E-mini Futures and FX for Trend Trading the International Currency Spot Market.

TrendCatch SPpro and TrendProphecy FX pro for Trend Trading Forex were developed to provide traders/investors with information on changing of the short and long-term trend, which has the potential to yield a higher return on investment than traditional Buy and Hold strategies. ]

Trade Management

An investor with knowledge of an instrument's trend will experience the most investment rewards.

Helping investors understand their long and short positions will help them to get the most out of a bull or a bear market. In this regard, being successful on every trade is not the most important thing. Rather, the concept of net profitability over the course of a series of trades is what yields the most success in Day -and Trend Trading.